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NEW STUDENTSWelcome! Our curriculum is taught in several languages to benefit a global audience. Registration opens twice a year: Fall and Spring, and fills very quickly. INQUIRYComplete our New Student […]

General Lecture Class: Tafseer Surat Yusuf

* بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم * SAFEERAH ISLAMIC DAWAH LECTURES Topic: TAFSEER SURAH YUSUF (Part 2) Speaker: Dr. Amal Soliman (Director of Safeeratalislam Academy) Time: 5 PM Mecca Zoom Meeting […]

Safeera For New Muslima Guide

✉️ Class Invitation to Our Revert Sisters Dear all sisters who has revert to Islam, we would like to invite you to be a part of our Da’wa. If you […]

Dawah Class Schedule All Sections

  أكاديمية سفيرة الإسلام قسم الدعوة للعام الثاني الدورة الرابعة “هذه دعوتنا “ جدول المحاضرات تلقيها د. أمل سليمان مديرة الأكاديمية المحاضرات مترجمة للغات أخرى المواعيد على مدار الأسبوع توقيت […]

Safeerah French

Alhamdulillah Safeerat Alislam has launched its new French department and we are accepting new student’s applications to join our French Islamic course, where they can study Quraan, Arabic and Islamic […]

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